Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hollywood to homosexualise America!

The Christian Right is in a tizzy again, this time about the moral and political state of Hollywood, reports the Times (London):

“Once again, the media elites are proving that their pet projects are more important than profit,” Janice Crouse, of Concerned Women for America, said. “None of the three movies — Capote, Transamerica or Brokeback Mountain — is a box office hit. Brokeback Mountain has barely topped $25 million (£14.2 million) in ticket sales. If America isn’t watching these films, why are they winning the awards?”

What? It’s often a good thing when other principles are put before profit – it’s a shame that the bottom line is such a determinant of what gets done in a range of creative endeavours. And is she seriously suggesting that a film’s revenue determines it’s artistic merit? It seems that what she really means is “These films contain themes and imagery that I don’t like – hell, America doesn’t like – as reflected by their revenues. So who are a bunch of media elites to say that these are good films or contain appropriate messages?”.

Right-wing radio talk show hosts also took pot shots at the Globes yesterday. Stephen Bennett, of Straight Talk Radio, said: “When Hollywood is pumping out anti-family movies with sexually explicit, twisted and perverse themes that glorify homosexuality, transsexuality and every other kind of sexual immorality — then awarding itself for doing so — Middle America better take note. Last night Hollywood exposed its own corrupt agenda. [It] is no doubt out on a mission to homosexualise America.”

Homosexuals?! Transsexuals?! We’re all going to hell in a handbasket, aren’t we?! (I presume ‘Straight’ Talk’ is meant to mean that there’ll be no homosexual banter on their air time.) What lunacy.


Anonymous CanuckRob said...

It always astounds me that these intolerant people have no ability to refuse to go to a movie or seem to have no on/off swicth on their TV's. There are many movies and television shows that I don't want to see (for all sorts of reasons) but I don't condemn those that make them, I just don't choose to give them my money and time.

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