Monday, March 06, 2006

Taking Stock

This blog is approaching two months old, and I’ve posted a few entries now, but as they’re mostly long they disappear way off the bottom of the page, so I thought I’d sumamrise what I’ve posted so far, in reverse chronological order.

The most recent post is on two papers looking at the nature of collaboration and altruism in humans and chimpanzees.

Here’s my coverage of a paper on the evolution of sexual reproduction, one the enduring mysteries of evolutionary biology.

This post looks at the role of unconscious automatic psychological processes, and how they can sometimes lead to more satisfying choices than conscious deliberation.

I wrote a long essay about the philosophers’ zombies, a thought experiment designed to illuminate the nature of consciousness.

A post I wrote on the biology of race generated some feedback that I replied to here.

This post looked at how your level of empathy for people in pain can be affected by whether you think the victim is a fair person or not.

I took a look at the meanings of theism, atheism and agnosticism in this post.

I started this blog with a two-part review of Richard Dawkins’s two-part programme on religion, science an atheism, The Root Of All Evil?, here and here. I also replied to a review of the programme here.


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